Server Commands In-Game Chat Commands through Botman


General Server Commands:
Enjoy theses in-game commands while playing on Worlds End servers!

  • /commands  Lists the available commands in-game.
  • /rules  Lists the server rules.
  • /alert (message)  Sends a message to all admins that can read it the next time they log-in.
  • /who  Lists players within 200 meters of yourself.
  • /setbase  Sets up a personal teleport at your location/base.
  • /base  Teleports you to to your /setbase location. (Avail. every 30 mins.)
  • /friend (player name)  Adds named player to your friends list.
  • /unfiend (player name)  Removes named player from your friends list.
  • /gimme  A mini-game where you win prizes or zombies. Be prepared to fight! (10 uses every 3 hours.)

Donator VIP Server Commands:
We appreciate your support, in return, here are Donor VIP only commands! Enjoy these perks for the next 2 months!

Server Economy Commands:

  • /wallet  View the amount of Roopies you have.
  • /shop  View items you can buy with Roopies.
  • /buy When you find the item you want from /shop.
  • /pay (player name) (#)  Pays Roopies to a player.
  • /lotto Check the current lotto pool.
  • /gamble (#)  Buys tickets towards Lottery drawings.

Earning Roopies: 

  1. Kill Zombies. 1 Kill = 5 Roopies
  2. Gamble. Lottery grows by 4 Roopies with every zombie kill server-wide.
  3. Charge Players. Sell items to players and they can /pay you.

Spending Roopies:

  1. Buy. Browse and buy from /shop.
  2. Respawn. Respawn Fee = # Roopies (until you are broke!)
  3. Pay players. Buy goods from players with the /pay command.
  4. Teleport to your last death. /pack = 100 Roopies
  5. Create. Make teleports or waypoints.
  6. Use waypoints. This includes /base, /home, and /wp commands.
    • /base = 25 Roopies
    • /home = 25 Roopies
    • /wp (waypoint name) = 100 Roopies

Waypoint Commands:
Waypoints can be shared and used among friends!

  • /create wp (name of waypoint)  Creates a waypoint. Costs 4000 Roopies.
  • /wp (name of waypoint)  Teleports you to waypoint. Costs 100 Roopies.
  • /share wp  Shares your waypoints with your friends.
  • /wp (friends name) (name of waypoint)  Uses a waypoint your friend shared with you. Costs 100 Roopies.
  • /help wapoints  Shows a list of commands for waypoints.