Frequently Asked Questions And other concerns you may have.

Q1: Do I need SinMod Icon/Image pack to play on Worlds End server?

A1: No. But you will not see icons for the custom items which can be annoying.

Q2: How do I install SinMod?

A2: Download SinMod [HERE], follow directions within the download.

Q3: My game says I am running a different version of 7 Days to Die than the server!

A3: Go to your Steam library, right-click on 7 Days to Die, Properties, BETAS tab, select most current update, then go to LOCAL FILES tab and click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files…”

Q4: There are no Admins online and I need help!

A4: Drop a message [HERE]. Go to Discord and leave a message. Or if you’re in-game type “/alert

Q5: My minibike glitched!

A5: Minibikes are known to be buggy, they despawn, multiply, turn invisable, become unuseable, catch on fire, and simply glitch-out. Our best advice is to dismantle your bike when not in use and store it in a container – admins are limited in helping with glitched mini-bikes.

Q6: I was sent to jail (for an accident!)

A6: Jail are for players who don’t follow the rules – like player-killing in a PvE area. If it was an accident, you can ask the player you killed to type /release (your name), otherwise an Admin will have to review the case to release you.