In-Game Server Rules North PvP / South PvE




Rules that apply to BOTH North and South.

  • Any form of Griefing is not allowed.
    • Destroying a whole base just because.
    • Spamming voice chat with annoyances.
    • Excessive profanity.
  • Do not build within 100 blocks from a Prefab or City/Town.
  • Don’t exploit bugs to gain extra items, experience, or to grief.
  • No advertising.

All areas NORTH of Coordinates 0,0 are considered PvP Areas.

  • Player killing allowed
  • Looting player bases allowed
  • PvPing as a team is allowed
  • Breaking player doors and chests are allowed

All areas SOUTH of Coordinates 0,0 are considered PvE Areas.

  • Player killing is NOT allowed
  • Looting player bases NOT allowed

Discord Voice Server Rules Updated: July 5, 2017


Join us in Voice Communication through Discord!

Our discord information can be found in-game for player use while playing on Worlds End servers.

  • Feel free to ask questions about the game using Discord!
  • Open Mic is allowed but be mindful of your background noise.
  • Use discord to communicate during game-play.
  • Do not use Discord for advertisement of other servers.
  • Refrain from excessive music spam, voice spam, or another annoyances.