Server Information Worlds End PvE / PvP

We are an English speaking server:

Worlds End PVE/PVP is a fun, eventful and an all around great community!

* PvP in the North
* PvE in the South
* Starter packs with a class system
* Beginning area for new player to get started
* Roopies are the in-game currency for our Server Economy
* In game shop that items can be bought by using Roopies
* Waypoints, Teleports and Player Commands
* Custom Items in Game, Custom and Modded Weapons, Increased Stack Size
* Actively customizing the game content
* In-Game Events with Special Prizes and Roopies
* Drop on Death – Toolbelt
* Drop on Quit – Nothing
* Zombie behaviour: Normal (day walk, night run)
* Loot Abundance – 100
* Loot Respawn Time – 3 days (In-game)
* Land Claim Size – 51
* Land Claim Duration – 14days (Real-Time)
* Overall difficulty – 4