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Vote for Worlds End

Enjoy our servers, community, or mods? Show your appreciation by voting for Worlds End by clicking the Image above! Every vote is appreciated, it lets us know if we are doing a good job! Voting is daily and is tallied at the end of the Month! Bonus!!!! every 5 votes we receive from you in that month will give you 1 chance to win a free steam game at the end of the month!!

Donate to Worlds End

Really love our servers and mods? Support us with a donation! All donations are put towards resources to keep Worlds End running smoothly! In appreciation, Donators are given additional access to Donator only perks!  Donating is not required to enjoy our server, but is greatly appreciated! Perks include:

  • Having 2 bases /base, /home and /base2, /home2
  • Access to VIP Lounge at the Lobby.
  • Can travel past the 15K on the map.
  • Donor Crate
  • Use /waypoints
  • Purchase VIP armor through VIP Lounge.¬†
  • Green Name in game and in discord.

Donors benefits last 2 months and then expire. All items received during this donor period will remain yours, but /commands will be removed as well as access to VIP areas.