Update SinMod A16v1

Download Zip File: SinMod_A16v1.zip

Restart of SinMod for 7 Days to Die, compatible with A16

Added Professions (starter classes)
Added Working Sinks and Oven
Added Legendary Melee Weapons
Added Custom Lobby blocks
Added 1K&20K Slot Machines
Added Quest Board
Added Custom Admin Tools
Added Ammo Supply Boxes
Added Recipes for crafting
Added Extra items and parts for crafting new blocks.
Adding Shopping Vending machine for purchasing colored Armor!!!
Added Feature to be able to dismantle not needed ammo and get parts back from it.
Increased the Stack size of Cement and Concrete to 5K from 1K.
Added new progression perks with ability to increase Magazine size.
Added Hollow point bullets and Incendiary bullets.
And much much more!!!