Update SinMod v5.1

Download Autoextractor: SinMod_v5.1.exe

Download Selfextractor: SinMod_v5.1.zip

Descent update fixed issues and added some new things, this mod is

compatible with v15.2

Added new Feral Pig.
Added new Scoped Compound Crossbow.
Added Schematic for Scoped Compound Crossbow.
Added recipe for parts for Scoped Compound Crossbow.
Added Scuba Mask and Scuba Task.
Added speed buff to swimming underwater while using Scuba Mask.
Fixed issues with Random World Generator.
Added concreteBricksBlock recipe.
Stone has a higher chance to give coal or nitrate if harvested with steel pickaxe or auger.
Localization clarifications.
Applecider wellness gain lowered.
ZombieRegenerator lowered knockdown duration.
Lesser chance for whetstone from mining stone.
Gun silencer sound changed.